"Estonian Language and Mind"

A new and innovative computer-based course in modern Estonian.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the framework of the Socrates programme.

This course is intended for self-study as well as classroom use. The aims of the course are to teach Estonian and to present Estonian culture. The flexible structure of the course enables the learner to start using it from any level of mastery of the language, from minimal knowledge up to the advanced level.

The product has been approved by the Estonian Language Council as suitable for school instruction.

This course includes:

  • a 57-minute educational film
  • 30 instructional video clips
  • 28 instructional audio clips
  • 35 minutes of phonetic audio recordings
  • a 60-page textbook
  • 75 training exercises
  • approx. 1800 lexical entries with principal parts

The course is suitable for:

  • Young people, particularly those attending educational institutions, who will get an excellent opportunity to learn basic Estonian. This will be of particular interest for students and teachers, participants of international projects, meetings, workshops, summer schools, etc.
  • Representatives of small businesses. These business people are looking for reasonably priced and easily accessible language learning materials to help gain access to markets in Estonia. Our course should open doors into Estonia for the European entrepreneur.
  • Politicians and administrators of various institutions, who, prior to a trip, could gain, thanks to a highly informative cultural content of the course, some knowledge of the country they will be working in.
  • Retired people who are very much on the move nowadays.
  • Cultural tourists of all ages.

The course is translated into the following 9 languages:



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